Cutting Instructions and Custom Processing

Custom Beef Processing

For well over 100 years, Amend Packing Company has offered complete quality custom beef processing.  All orders are processed according to your specifications.  Call in advance for available pricing!

Please download of the following Cutting Instruction Sheet, fill it out and send it back via e-mail to [email protected]. You may also call us at (515) 265-1618.

2023 Cutting Instructions (Half Beef/Whole Beef) LINK: Half and Whole Cutting Instructions Sheet

2023 Cutting Instructions (Quarter Beef) LINK: 14 Cut Sheet 2024 Updated

*What to Expect From a Boneless ½ of Beef*

Based on 325-350# Half of Beef

Chuck Roasts– 3-4 Roasts- (3 Pound Roast)

Arm Roasts– 3-4 Roasts- (3 Pound Roast)

Ribeye– 10-12 Steaks (Cut 1 Inch Thick)

Brisket– 7-8 pounds of meat

Short Ribs– 3-4 Packages (2 Rib Sets/Package)

Minute Steaks– 12-16 Steaks or 1 Roast (3 Pound Roast)

Round Steaks– 8-12 Steaks or 2 Roast (3 Pound Roast)

Rump Roast– 1-2 Roasts- (3 Pound Roast)

Sirloin Tip– 2 Roasts (3 Pound Roast) or 10-12 Steaks (Cut 1 Inch Thick)

Boneless Top Sirloin Steak– 10-12 Steaks (Cut 1 Inch Thick)

New York Strips– 10-12 Steaks (Cut 1 Inch Thick)

Filets– 6-8 Steaks

Flank Steak– 1 Steak (1 pound of meat)

Ground Beef– 75-85 Pounds (Regular 85-90%) (Lean Ground Beef yields less pounds)

Stew Meat– 5-10 pounds of meat

*This is only an estimate. Due to the fact that beef comes from individual cattle and all cows are shaped differently due to breeding and feeding programs we will not be held liable for any differences in our estimates and the actual product that you receive.*